The coronavirus pandemic continues to grow across the world. In such a time, it is our responsibility to protect ourselves and look after our health. To ensure that we can stay safe, there are several items that can help prevent us from contracting the coronavirus and can also ease the treatment if we, unfortunately, become sick.

1.  Face Mask:

Perhaps the simplest method of virus protection is to wear a mask. The main purpose of a mask is to stop the suspended particles that come out when we talk, breath, sneeze, or cough, from reaching other people. As such, masks not only stop your germs from escaping into the surroundings but also prevents foreign particles from entering a mask wearer’s respiratory system.

Nowadays due to the mutating strains of the virus, many medical experts are also suggesting wearing double masks to further decrease the chances of a virus slipping past. Masking has been proven to be one of the most effective methods. It is necessary that you make it a mandatory practice to wear your mask whenever you are outside. In fact, in many places, roaming without a mask can also end up in a fine.

2.  Hand Sanitizer:

Cheaply available and easily procured, Hand Sanitizers are a must-have to disinfect your hands. The point of contracting the coronavirus depends on it entering into our body through the mouth or nose. Even if a mask can stop direct contact, if the virus is roaming on the surface of our hands, it is very risky to touch the face or eat food. What you need to do in such a situation is to sanitize your hands.

Sanitizers are made with pure alcohol that essentially renders the virus ineffective, in a way ‘killing’ it. This way, even if it is on your body, by making the virus inactive you are safe. It’s also highly advised not to touch your face, such as your mouth or nose for similar reasons. Sanitizers can nowadays be found in most stores. However, you should be a little careful while using the sanitizer, because even though it may smell pleasant, it can still be toxic if we ingest it or if it gets into your eyes. Always sanitize after you’ve come from outside before you touch yourself or eat food.

3.  Surface Disinfectants:

Similar to hand sanitizers, surface disinfectants are also useful in a similar manner. Because the coronavirus can stay active on many surfaces for hours on end, it is important that we sanitize and cleanse these services. It is not always possible for us to avoid touching certain objects. For example, if you have a car you drive to your work every day, you should disinfect the surfaces of the car that you touch. Disinfecting common areas often can help the virus from traveling via physical contact.

4.  Pulse Oximeters:

A pulse oximeter is a basic tool one can use to test a person’s oxygen saturation levels. Because COVID-19 is a respiratory disease the first thing it primarily affects is the functioning of our lungs. Lung problems can lead to a decrease in blood oxygen saturation levels, as the lungs struggle to filter out the usable oxygen. Using a pulse oximeter is as simple as plugging a device into one of the extremities such as the toes, fingers, or earlobe. The machine will automatically give you an Oxygen saturation reading. Observing the oxygen levels is important to judge whether a person’s condition is going bad. Oxygen saturation below 95% starts showing a breathing problem.

5.  Oxygen Concentrators:

For anyone who is facing trouble breathing due to Covid-19, it can be advisable to buy Oxygen Concentrator online so that you can administer self-treatment at home without going to the hospital. Oxygen concentrators convert the ambient atmospheric air into high-density oxygen gas that can be given to patients. At home, you can give oxygen concentrator treatment to someone whose oxygen saturation is between 85%-95%. If they fall below that limit they will need professional medical attention. With hospitals being tied up in dealing with so many patients having an Oxygen Concentrator at hand for the treatment of mild or moderate cases is a must.

6.  Digital Thermometer:

Fever is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19. By keeping an isolated digital thermometer for every person, you can check the temperature without risking cross-contamination. Checking to see the intensity of the fever is very important because if it goes too high, you will know when to seek medical help. Digital thermometers are cheaply available in stores as well as online. Always remember to sanitize the thermometer after every use.

General Tips:

Apart from using these products, there are also some general tips you can follow to keep yourself safe. Firstly, try your hardest not to go outside unless it is necessary. Secondly, if you do, always stay masked and avoid physically coming into contact with any objects or people. Even beyond physical contact, it is necessary to maintain a distance to avoid suspended particles that could carry the virus. So follow social distancing norms. Lastly, if you only have a mild case of illness, it is advisable to isolate yourself at home.

Home treatment has been proven effective in non-fatal cases. This will help ease the burden of the hospitals and save you the harassment of traveling from one place to another while sick. However, if in any case, the health conditions deteriorate, hospitalization is a must, as COVID-19 is definitely a deadly killer virus. Do not take a lax attitude towards the threat of coronavirus and treat it seriously, thinking that you won’t get infected is childish and irresponsible. Following these messages is not enough, you must also spread awareness about good practices and feel free to correct someone who is not following Covid norms.

By using these aforementioned Covid-19 Care Essentials you can protect yourself and your family from any harm of the virus. Remember, your health is your own responsibility, and you need to ensure your own safety.

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