Ever looked at the mirror and wondered why your look doesn’t match how you feel? If so, then you should consider a High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) facelift procedure. As can be attested by numerous people who underwent the HIFU facelift procedure, the resulting outlook is a much desirable youthful and younger appearance. Notably, some people are understandably fearful that this procedure may give them a ‘windblown’ appearance that is different from their natural appearance. However, when done right, and with the right doctors, this procedure usually results in rested, younger-looking patients who are a better version of themselves. Discussed below are some of the benefits of getting a HIFU facelift:

Redefines and tightens your neck area 

As one age, the facial skin starts to droop, sag, and wrinkle, a natural process. However, these changes may occur in disproportionate amounts and make one look older than they are. This is most noticeable by the presence of loose skin around the neck and under the chin. Embarrassing phrases such as ‘multiple chins’ and ‘turkey neck’ have been coined to describe people with such appearances. This has led to lots of patients wearing turtleneck shirts, sweaters, and high collar shirts to hide these rather undesirable features. This can usually make some not even want to take pictures with their loved ones to commemorate special occasions which may lead to social seclusion. However, this situation can be fixed by proceeding to get a HIFU facelift treatment which will redefine your skin and give you the much desired and adored skin that you want.

Gets rid of jowls

Loose jowls are adorable for Redbone coonhounds and bulldogs but are not classy looking on human beings. Some patients have confessed that having hanging jowls from their jawline is one of the most embarrassing facial features they have to deal with. A facelift procedure can be employed to remove the jowls forever and give you a slimmer, tighter jawline look. Not only will this make you proud, but it will also give you the confidence you need to attend to your regular commitments. The HIFU facelift procedure involves careful jawline sculpting and restoration to its sharp, natural position while ensuring that you don’t end up with a pulled wind-tunnel look.

Tighten loose skin

The aging process usually comes with skin sagging which is common among most people in various proportions. These normally get fixed with anti-aging creams but such remedies are short-term and stop having a real impact after a while. A HIFU facelift procedure tightens the deep neck and facial muscles thereby enabling excess skin removal. This results in a youthful look without a hint of pinch or skin tightness.


Having old looking facial skin can cause discomfort and generally make you not feel free to live your life to the fullest. However, by doing a HIFU facelift procedure at www.cambridgemedical.com.sg, you will be able to restore a youthful and young appearance in no time.


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