Magic truffles are the sclerotia of psilocybin mushrooms, gaining popularity by the day due to their legality. It contain psilocybin, which gives them their psychoactive properties.

Because these plants are in the public eye now more than ever, we’ve decided to provide you with nine fantastic facts about magic truffles.

They’re Not The Same Thing as Magic Mushrooms

While both truffles and magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, they are quite different. Don’t get us wrong, they are the same fungi – just to varying stages of development.

Even if truffles and magic mushrooms aren’t the same things, the high they provide is pretty similar in effect and intensity.

They Aren’t Truffles at All!

While magic truffles might be called truffles, they aren’t. Mushrooms grow above the ground, and truffles grow beneath it. Truffles are the subterranean part of a fungus.

They’re Quite Potent

Since magic truffles grow below the ground, you might get the impression that they’re less potent than the magic mushroom itself. That isn’t true at all, as the root can be just as potent as the fungi itself. The potency of the truffles comes from their alkaloid combination, the most prominent of which is psilocybin. A popular way to consume it is to microdose them.

Microdosing is believed to elevate the mood while increasing focus, motivation, and productivity.

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It Doesn’t End at Psilocybin!

Both truffles and magic mushrooms are different parts of the same plant – but they share a virtually equal amount of psychoactive alkaloids. They contain psilocybin, psilocin, norbaeocystin, and baeocystin, the most prominent psychoactive alkaloids in the fungi.

All of these alkaloids have a psychedelic effect, and combining them will help you achieve the desired high.

Magic Truffles Are the Fungi’s Food Storage

This particular breed of fungi uses something known as sclerotia to store nourishment and survive when the mushrooms can’t get external food storage. Sclerotia grows when the plant growing conditions are less than ideal. This sclerotium is the truffle – meaning your psychoactive food source of choice is the fungi’s food source as well.

The Truffle Is a Bit Tough

The texture of mushrooms is mostly silky, creamy, and a bit chewy if not prepared well – but the texture of the truffles is far different. The truffles are incredibly dense, as they’re composed of about 30% of dry matter. That gives truffles a tough, chewy, and hard-to-swallow texture.

Since most truffles and mushrooms require cooking to become palatable, it’s no surprise that you can cook the magic truffles. There are many recipes on the internet, which will show you how to prepare stunning psilocybin filled meals. Be careful, though – as you’re going to need some award-winning magic truffles to make award-winning magic meals!

The Effects of Magic Truffles

The effects of magic truffles are as potent as those of magic mushrooms, with some minor differences. Concerning potency, the two are very similar. The fully developed version, magic mushrooms, contains many different alkaloids, whereas the alkaloid selection of the truffles is a bit more scarce.

The consumption of magic truffles will give you a stoned, euphoric, and hallucinating experience. You can rest assured that you’re going to be tripping in absolutely no time when you consume magic truffles. Depending on your weight, gender, age, and a multitude of other factors – your dose and trip will be different. These factors all contribute to the duration, intensity, and overall nature of your experience.

You Can Grow Them Yourself

Growing magic mushrooms and truffles is far more straightforward than you might imagine. There are many growing kits on the internet that come with all of the things you need to grow some award-winning truffles.

Growing award-winning magic truffles will take some know-how, so we urge you to read the instructions in your kit if you want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Purchasing the magic truffles, either fresh or dry, is entirely legal in the Netherlands. Some countries have restrictions placed on truffles and magic mushrooms. Even if you can’t purchase them, you might be able to grow them yourself legally. Check your local law and jurisdiction for more information.

Final Thoughts

Magic truffles are all the rage. They make a great psychoactive, and a great addition to your trippy Saturday night meal. Their implementation is immense, and growing them is pretty simple.

After reading this article, you’ve caught up on all the exciting information there is to know about truffles. Always make sure to consume these award-winning truffles responsibly, and check your local law and jurisdiction before you attempt to buy them.


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