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Automatic Door Closer

Automatic Door Closer

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Improve The Convenience Of Your Home

Whether it's keeping your pets and kids out of certain rooms or keeping pests from entering unexpectedly, we have you covered. The Automatic Door Closer allows you to walk around in comfort knowing that your pets and young ones won't get into that one room just because you forgot to close that silly old door!

Less Repetition For Your Day To Day: The overall convenience of not having to do that one extra step can really add up to a lot of time save and less mind numbing repetition throughout your whole day by automating part of the process.

Keeping Out The Pests: We all know what it's like when you're having friends over on those hot summer cookouts. Sometimes the door gets left open by accident from all the people going in and out. Thus creating potential for bugs and other rodents to sneak in without your consent.

Ease Of Installation: The Automatic Door Closer requires no tools for an easy install and instead opts for a very strong adhesive. 

Very Durable Build Quality: The Automatic Door Closer features a very consistent pulling rate that will last a long time. Each Automatic Door Closer goes through a 10,000 time rebound test allowing you to feel confident in the longevity of the product.

Very Versatile: The Automatic Door Closer allows for many use cases and options for mounting with it's sticky adhesive and portable design.

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