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Toilet Paper Tray Holder

Toilet Paper Tray Holder

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Creating Storage Out Of Thin Air

Everyone uses the bathroom and most people seem to have their phone or other items close by whilst enjoying their time in the comfort of their porcelain escapades. The Toilet Paper Tray Holder allows you to have a place to set your belongings while doing a number one or even a number two. You can even add permanent fixtures like scents, plants, etc.

Durable Construction: With the weight of some smartphones nowadays, you definitely need a strong material to withstand these items. Don't worry though, The Toilet Paper Tray Holder is made of a very strong Aluminum Alloy that can withstand even the girthiest of modern day devices.

Ease of installation: The Toilet Paper Tray Holder has a very simple two screw design allowing it to maintain a sturdy yet simple set up.

Sleek Design: We kept the design of the Toilet Paper Tray Holder very simple and sleek to match even the most unorthodox bathroom decor. 

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